CBI Electric: Australia

QF Range RCBOs


  • The QF range of MCB’s and RCBO’s are for use against overload, short circuit and residual current (QF10 only) protection in residential, commercial, industrial and mining applications.


  • Precision circuit breaker utilizing hydraulic magnetic technology
  • DIN mounting
  • Always carry 100% of rated current. Trip point un-affected by ambient temperature
  • Mid-trip handle indication signifies breaker operation for electrical fault
  • Immediate resetting can be done after clearance of fault (No thermal memory)
  • No ageing deterioration of sensing mechanism which is hermetically sealed
  • IP2X terminals
  • Handle is sealable and padlockable (with padlock attachment)
  • Suits HQFC chassis - 250A rated
  • RCBO is suitable for applications with pulsating DC components
  • RCBO insulation resistance testing can be done with handle in the off position - no disconnection of the unit is required