Slegers Fibreglass Duct Rod range contains a copper wire trace conductor that will emit a locatable signal over the entire coil length via the connection of a high frequency transmitter. The range of Fibreglass Duct Rods are designed to provide easy and accurate use for tracing cable or pipe locations, such as water, gas, electrical, sewer and storm-water services. The range can also be used as a day to day cable laying product for ease of installation of electrical & data cables.

  • Coated in Polypropylene for superior pulling stability & strength

  • Central Copper trace wire embedded in Fiberglass coil

  • Highliy visible Yellow colour

  • Rust & corrosion resistant

  • Kink resistant

  • High quality galvanised Steel vertical dispenser coated in Anthracite matt finish

  • Reels are equipped with hand operated braking system

Cobra Snake Fibreglass Duct Rods